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Sunny Valley has extensive experience in marketing imported fresh fruit and vegetable products. We have partnered with quality growers, exporters, quality control providers, and storage facilities to be able to deliver quality imported produce products to the North American market. Our domestic storage facility partners also provide repacking and restyling services which give us enhanced capabilities to service a broad range of customers.

Sunny Valley maintains an office in Santiago Chile which serves as our southern hemisphere contact point with growers and exporters. This location allows us to maintain a "hands-on" connection at the source locations of our import products.

Our key import produce products include blueberries, grapes, Spanish Clementines, apples, pears, cherries, avocados, lemons, and kiwis. We will market other produce items at various times of the year and are constantly exploring new product opportunities and new partnerships with quality-minded progressive growers and exporters.